Pot and Parenting - Language development

Language development

To help develop your baby’s language development, I highly recommend that you try to always acknowledge your child’s attempt to communicate. Try to mimic the sound he or she makes and see how your child reacts.

In my case, every time I mimic what my daughter say, she says it again and waits for me to do the same. She then tries to say more syllables as if she’s trying to make a sentence.

Now that she’s 10 months old, she can say a few words (in her own language). When I take her outside in the yard, she always points at the flowers and say this same 2 syllable word every time she sees them. She also does the same when she sees birds. She say this one syllable word that is close to “bird”. And the same goes for other things she is familiar with.

What my husband and I do is to point at things while saying what its called. We say it over and over again until she tries to repeat what we say. The more we acknowledge what she says, the more she tries to talk.